Microsoft officially announced that Voice of the Customer, its venerable survey solution would be replaced officially by Forms Pro. Forms Pro to replace VOC within the next twelve months.

Microsoft Forms Pro, which uses a simple interface to create forms, surveys, and quizzes is designed from the ground up using the Common Data Service as its backend. Forms Pro will provide seamless integration for surveys within Microsoft Business Applications, including Dynamics 365 and Office 365. That integration allows form submissions to be triggered by PowerApps or Dynamics 365 records – for example completion of a case could trigger a satisfaction survey.

Why is Forms Pro to replace VOC?

Forms Pro provides similar built-in integration capabilities like that of Voice of Customer, but it is simpler for any business users to use, test, and send surveys. Microsoft believes that the simple user experience of Forms Pro may significantly improve overall productivity when creating a survey.

After July 1, 2020, the Voice of the Customer solution will be officially removed. All customers are encouraged to recreate any Voice of the Customer surveys they have using Forms Pro in advance of the VOC deprecation. Surveys from Voice of the Customer cannot simply be migrated automatically to Forms Pro. You would need to recreate the surveys in Forms Pro.  The image below shows how the question types in Forms Pro map to the question types in Voice of the Customer.

To learn more about the voice of the customer deprecation visit Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Blog.